Research and development

Quality production in Italy and Romania


Experience of more than two decades and the use of advanced tools allows our Technical Department to carry out

  • feasibility studies;
  • hardware design and development;
  • development of firmware and software for embedded systems;
  • pre-compliance EMC measurements;
  • construction of prototypes and pre-launch series;
  • development of test and inspection equipment;
  • preparation of project documentation;

All the above activities are carried out in full compliance with industry standards


Design activities are supported by product industrialisation, which exploits the experience of the production department to ensure that the assembly process of each project is optimized so production times are minimized

Close liaison between the purchasing, design and sales departments allows our designer to choose the components to be used in accordance with their availability and cost, with the aim of obtaining a product that is fully compatible with mass production requirements.

Electronics and IT

Because our company has its own IT division, we can offer customers a global solution, from the design and construction of the electronic product to the analysis and development of tailored software applications to configure and monitor each device.

Creating a new way of interaction with electronic devices, e.g. using an IOS or Android app, is potentially a winning strategy that enhances the product and often makes it possible to reduce the cost of the components needed to build a convetional interface (display, keypads, etc.)

Some of the apps developed by Gread Elettronica:

  • Smart Configurator
  • SilMotion
  • Linz Electric spa
  • LinzTech

Thanks to our Electronics Division an IT Division, Gread Elettronica offers customers a single point of reference for analysis, development, construction, and subsequent maintenance of their products.

The IT division performs:

  • Development of complete multiplatform applications
  • Development of Android smartphone and tablet applications
  • Development of iPhone and iPad applications
  • Development of web applications

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Divisione Informatica

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