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Incorporated in 1985, Gread Elettronica soon started to display the flair for business, dynamism and flexibility that triggered a process of continual growth, resulting in the rapid transformation of the initial operation into a full scale industrial concern with a 200 strong workforce, distributed between the Italian headquarters in Rovereto and the manufacturing plant in Arad, Romania.

Our constant investments, combined with the technological innovation applied to the production process and the contribution of highly motivates and skilled personnel allowed us to achieve high standing on the Italian market and also export our services to central European countries, most notably France and Germany.

The growth experienced in the number of customers combined with diversification of production sectors brought us valuable experience in industrial automation, civil electronics, power electronics, the automotive sector, the medical sector and consumer electronics, allowing us to face the future with a consolidated organization of proven reliability 


1985: Company is incorporated;
1988: Relocation from original site to the production premises in the current Rovereto Business Innovation Center (B.I.C.);
1989: Department set up for ERP software development;
1991: Store selling electronics components opens in the centre of Rovereto;
2000: Electronics store is moved to the “Leno Center” Shopping mall and a new specialized IT store is opened for the sale of hardware and software products;
2003: Start of electronics production activities in Arad in Romania, in collaboration with a further two companies;
2003: Breakthrough of 10 million euro annual sales ceiling;
2005: Work starts on construction of a new manufacturing plant in Arad (north-east Romania);
2006: Incorporation of ERGAD TECHNOLOGY in Romania and start of production;
2006: Opening of a new division in ERGAD TECHNOLOGY dedicated to the development of ERP software and websites creation;
2007: Relocation of the Italian headquarters to a new site, while remaining within Rovereto B.I.C., thus allowing reorganization of the production layout and optimization of costs;
2010: Start of Arad production site expansion project, with the acquisition of land adjoining the existing plant, to be used to build a new warehouse;
2011: PEDROLLO Spa acquires a stake in the company share capital;
2011: Continuation of the Arad site expansion project with the purchase of a new industrial shed;
2014: Relocation to the new site in Rovereto purchased by the company;
2015: Extension of production floor space at ERGAD TECHNOLOGY and technology investments;
2016: Completion of a new warehouse in Arad


We strive to use our experience and competence in the design, industrialisation, and production of printed circuit boards to offer our customers products with an exceptional quality/price ratio, exploiting the potential offered by our Romania plant.


Gread Elettronica operates in the following markets:

  • Home automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Temperature control
  • Data transmission
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Lighting

Gread Elettronica s.r.l.

Viale G. Caproni, 13 – 38068
Tel: +39 0464 020200
P.IVA IT 01103620223

Divisione Informatica

Viale G. Caproni, 13 – 38068
Tel: +39 0464 020200


Ergad Technology s.r.l.

Str. Pădurii, 24
310034 ARAD, (ROMANIA)
Tel: +40 257 206247
Fax: +40 257 306194

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