Quality production in Italy and Romania

Production layout

Our relocation to our new site made it possible to create a new production layout, rationalising operations by optimising the use of space and reducing internal handling needs.

The new plant offers 4400m² of continuous covered floor space. This allowed us to allocate dedicated zones for each process stage and reorganise the raw materials and finished storage areas.

Logistics and warehouse

Logistics activities are managed with an application entirely developed in house by GREAD ELETTRONICA. Our ERP suite assures total integration of processes between the Rocereto plant and the Arad plant in Romania. This system means that the needs of the various departments of the two production plants are fully integrated in a functional and efficient manner.

GREAD ELETTRONICA has constantly invested in computerisation of the business, pursuing two primary goals:

  • to achieve optimal management of production flows;
  • to make information available instantly and with the maximum concision, so it can be managed and used swiftly and efficiently allowing us to keep a low ratio between unproductive and productive personnel..

The software manages:

  • internal production flows;
  • warehouse pricking and placing operations;
  • procurement of materials with an MRP application;
  • management of workloads per department;
  • purchasing and sales statistic;
  • information for the analysis of production times and method;
  • monitoring of production progress status

SMT department

The SMT department is composed of:

  • 4 FUJI SMT assembly lines
  • 2 OMRON 3D optical inspectors;
  • 5 screen printing machines with 2D control;
  • 5 reflow ovens with 24 zones;

These lines allow us to assemble large and small production series with the utmost flexibility. The AOI systems allow immediate checking of the accuracy and quality of the assembly operations carried out.

PTH Department

This is the largest department in the company, in which trained and informed personnel carry out assembly of PTH components, soldering in compliance with the RoHS directive and finishing of the PCBs in ESD protected area.

When necessary, this department can perform tropicalization and resin encapsulation to protect the boards and components from external agents.


This department is responsible for performing tests and checks of the PCBs in compliance with customers’ specifications. All the workstations are connected to the Company Intranet and the Technical Department, which can thus check quality data in real time, taking immediate action whenever necessary.

Tests and measurements of tested parameters are filed so they can be used to generate internal reports or forwarded to the customer.

The possibility of measuring operating parameters and communicating them to the customer provides the designer with a series of data that can be used to make improvements to the product.


This is the department where, by purchasing cables or creating them internally, we install PCBs in metal and/or plastic enclosures in compliance with the specifications of customers, who can therefore be supplied with market-ready products.

Quality control

A team of qualified and trained personnel carries out regular checking of product quality, applying statistical methods to maintain high quality standards throughout the organisation.

At the start of the monitoring stage a product-code is applied to the PCB so it can be followed throughout the production process until it leaves our plant, also making it possible keep track of the assembly, checking, testing and shipment dates.

This procedure means we can offer full procedure traceability.

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